Global and Analytical Learners


Global learners need the big picture. They like to see where concepts interrelate with other concepts and how it all applies to them. These learners need an overview of a topic first and tend to get frustrated with fine detail. They are good at multi-tasking and like to know the theme and purpose of a lesson first. An analytical learner is able to process the details independently from each other. This learner loves details, facts and figures.

 Global Characteristics

  • need all the information before beginning
  • want to know all the steps involved
  • like to know what the finished product will be like
  • need to know where the information fits into their own life

Analytical Characteristics

  • like small chunks
  •  love facts and figures
  • like to know all the fine details
  • self evaluate
  • like step by step
  • take a more logical approach

When doing a jigsaw puzzle an analytical learner will tend…

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Unit 1 Assessment


We have completed Unit 1 and for your assessment you need to describe what you have learned, projects/assignments/activities that were most meaningful to you, and how this unit has helped you grow as a learner and/or potential teacher.

As you write include at least 5 of the terms (10 points). You may use your workbook, handouts, and/or notes. There isn’t a length requirement, but if I read your blog and description, analysis, and reflection are not adequately included you will not receive full credit. This is worth 100 points.

Description- Describe what you did. (What when on; what was the activity?)- 25 points

Analysis- Significance. (How did it impact you?)- 25 points

Reflective- What did you learn? How could you have improved? Where do you need to grow? – 25 points

Watch this video and share your thoughts.  Every child needs a champion. (15 points)

Technology in Schools


Technology in Schools  Click on the link and read through the article.  There is also a short video I want you to watch.


Answer the following questions:

1.  Do you agree or disagree with these 14?  Defend your answer….this should be more than 2-3 sentences.

2.  How do you think Conway stacks up against this list?  Provide examples.

3.  What do you think we need to do at Conway to join the 21st century schools?



Board game peer evaluations

Being out tomorrow will put us behind working on our board games.  One thing I would like for all of you to do is check out the link I posted.  This link is the form you will fill out for each group’s board game.  Remember your peers will be grading your board game.  I want you to review the form so you know what you will be graded on.  For those of you that didn’t respond to the blog…..all blogs are graded and if you fall below a “C” no observing which starts next week if I can get the last few students assigned.  Enjoy your days off!

Teaching Methods


What instructional activity/technique have you experienced in a classroom that you feel worked well?  In order to receive full credit for this blog please be specific explaining your experience and you need to respond to 3 others.  As you respond look for responses that are meaningful to you and it must be more than, “Yes, I totally agree”. This blog is worth 25 points.  Be prepared to share blogs on Monday 11/11/13  

Special Education


Each of you were given an envelope with a type of special education term.  In your blog tell us which term you have, what it is, and suggested ways for educators to make modifications for a student with that particular special ed. need.  I expect your blog to be complete and site any sources you used including your workbook.